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  • The temperature resistance of the film pressed workpiece can be tested by the temperature resistance test. The temperature test should first collect the relevant parameters of the specimen, such as environmental parameters, process parameters, rubber (including activation temperature, factory date, spray times), PVC parameters (thickness, gum, manufacturers, etc.), processing time, aging time, etc.


  • (1) The spraying sequence is: end face → front line → front + line → end face, the plane part can be sprayed once; The end face and plane line should be sprayed twice.


  • The use of membrane pressure glue requirements


  • The use of membrane pressure glue requirements


  • The operation method of the film pressing machine is as follows: 1 Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment are loose, clean all parts of the laminating machine with thinning water, and adjust the glue again later. Do not store any sundries on the work surface.


  • Polishing machine maintenance: 1. Check the electrical circuit regularly, and replace it immediately if it is damaged. 2. Check the parts of the equipment regularly and reinforce them immediately if they are loose. 3.Add lubricating oil to the oil filling hole regularly. 4.Before work to try the boot once, to avoid sundries. 5.After work to clean the machine, keep the equipment clean.