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Vacuum laminating machine


Vacuum laminating machine is composed of vacuum hot press, oil drum of oil press unit, temperature control system of hot kerosene circulating heating, control box of operating table, computer chart control software, vacuum system (pump of European standard), electric heater, cold press, bearing plate + cover plate, installation and test.  It is a sheet material made of semi-cured sheet (glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin and dried to remove solvent) in the manufacturing process of PCB circuit board or copper clad board.  Under the action of temperature and pressure, it is fluid and can quickly cure and complete the bond.  A machine that binds copper foils together under vacuum, high temperature and high pressure.  

When the machine is connected to the power supply, the upper and lower heating plates of the machine begin to heat up, and the vacuum system starts to work, so that the space in the working area is close to the vacuum state, and the air between the pressing material and the material is all discharged.  When the temperature reaches the melting temperature of the semi-cured sheet, the semi-cured sheet will melt and stick to the copper foil.  The following process is heat preservation and cooling process, making the semi-cured sheet and copper foil become one, fully meet the requirements of the product and eliminate the stress in the middle of the material.  If you want to make multilayer board, you can do the inner plate according to the above requirements, plus the semi-cured piece, copper foil can be completed, the role of the semi-cured piece is to play the role of insulation and reinforcement.  

One example is the computer's mainframe board.  The principle, process and method of the other 6 layers and 8 layers are the same as above.  

1. Input the correct program, board length, board width and board number according to the engineering specifications.  

2. Check whether the temperature, oil pressure, cold pressure and time Settings are correct.  

3. After confirming the temperature of the hot plate, send the steel plate to be pressed into the press.  

4. After the hot pressure rises, check the pressure setting value, actual pressure value, temperature setting value, actual temperature value, vacuum setting value and actual value.  

5. After the hot pressing is complete, the hot plate will drop automatically, and the steel plate will be taken out and sent to the cold press for cold pressing.  

6. After the cold pressing is complete, the pressure plate will drop automatically to complete the pressing operation.