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The use of silica gel film of membrane press


1. according to the characteristics of the workpiece line (such as arc value, edges, width and depth of the line, etc.) select different thickness of silica gel film.  


2. Because the silica gel film is often heated and stretched, its droop will increase. It should be installed in time according to the droop degree of the silica gel film to reduce the droop.  


3. In order to prolong the service life of the silica gel film and prevent quality problems of the workpiece, the use direction of the silica gel film should be changed regularly, such as the front end and the back end, the left end and the right end.  


4. If the corner of the silica gel film has holes or short cracks, it can be repaired by silica gel and film filling machine.  When repairing, it should be compacted with a smooth weight. After drying for 24 hours, the repair place should be sanded with 240 # sandpaper to be used normally.