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Film pressure workpiece temperature test


The temperature resistance of the film pressed workpiece can be tested by the temperature resistance test.  The temperature test should first collect the relevant parameters of the specimen, such as environmental parameters, process parameters, rubber (including activation temperature, factory date, spray times), PVC parameters (thickness, gum, manufacturers, etc.), processing time, aging time, etc.  


The temperature test was carried out in the constant temperature box, and the test temperature was 40℃, 50℃, 60℃, 65℃, 70℃, 75℃, 80℃.  From low to high in each temperature point placed for 1 hour, and then check whether the surface and edge of the PVC specimen peel or open edge, if the temperature of the lower level does not occur peel or open edge, and when the rise of the temperature peel or open edge, the test sample temperature resistance is the temperature of the lower level.  A specimen at 40℃ test for 1 hour PVC peel or open edge, 50℃ test for 1 hour PVC peel or open edge, then the test sample temperature is 40℃.