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PVC vacuum plastic film pressure operating procedures


The use of membrane pressure glue requirements  


(1) The membrane pressure glue is a two-component glue, activation temperature of about 60℃.  Storage environment temperature must be in 5℃-30℃, 5℃ below will cause flocculation.  


(2) The rubber barrel should not be placed directly on the ground, should be placed on the wooden bracket, especially in winter.  


(3) the period of validity of the film pressing glue is 6 months from the date of the factory without dismantling the original packaging.  


(4) The ratio of membrane pressure glue preparation, the main agent: curing agent = 20:1  


(5) when the main agent is mixed with the curing agent, the main agent should be kept in the stirring state, and the curing agent is slowly added and stirred for at least 3 minutes.  


(6) The amount of glue prepared each time should be used up within 4 hours.  Glue barrel should be tightly covered after mixing.