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Is the use principle of vacuum laminating machine?

Is the use principle of vacuum laminating machine?

Operating principle of vacuum laminating machine:

(1) The paper can be protected by coating on the cover. After laminating, the service life of the cover (or print surface) can be prolonged, especially for the students' textbooks, so the amount is increasing.

(2) The impression of vacuum laminating machine is not easy to be destroyed. It can increase the color effect and protect the picture and text of color printing without abrasion. This is conducive to publishing house art editors in the cover or print surface according to their needs to make a variety of art design, so also promote the increase in the amount.

(3) That is to say, the production of coating is profitable. Vacuum laminating machine laminating, that is, the cost of film production is low, easy to start, money, enterprises can profit.

The above three points make the vacuum laminating machine film "hot", but few people pay attention to the quality problems of the film and the impact on the binding quality.