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Operation Process of Pre-coating Laminator


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Operation process of pre-coating laminator.

1. Preparation: Check whether the components of the pre-coating laminator are normal, and perform routine inspection, lubrication and cleaning before starting.
2. Heating: Turn on the power of the pre-coating laminator, turn on the heating roller heating switch to heat, and adjust the temperature control instructions to the position required by the process when heating.
3. Coating: According to the size of the printed matter to be coated, choose a pre-coated film of appropriate size, and install the pre-film on the appropriate position of the feed shaft to fix it.
4. Finishing the paper: The deformation of the printed matter during printing and storage is sorted and smoothed, so that the printed matter can be smoothly entered and compounded by the heat press roller without quality problems.
5. Regulations: To ensure that the printed matter is not skewed, not out of the film, or run away during the laminating process, the regulation should be correct. When adjusting the rule, loosen the fastening screws of the rule frame and push forward or pull back at the same time until the position is accurate. The film and the printed matter are exactly combined to adjust and tighten.
6. Trimming: Make the width of the printed matter fit the width of the film. If there is film exposure, trimming is required. First put down the edge cutter, cut off the excess film edge strip, and wrap it around the edge paper tube.
7. Through film: pass the neck coating film on the reel through the stretching roller, film adjustment roller, bow adjustment roller, guide roller and rubber roller and enter the host machine.
8. Film adjustment: After wearing the film, the tightness of each roll of pre-coated film is inconsistent, and the surface of the pre-coated film should be leveled. The roll-in part of the leveling mechanism can be moved back and forth, left and right, the adjusting rubber roller on the top of the pre-coating laminator can be adjusted up and down, and the bow-shaped adjusting roller can flatten the film. After adjustment, the pre-coated film is smooth and stable and enters the compound mechanism.
9. Pressing: After the main unit of the pre-coating laminator is started, the pressurizing device is pressurized and manually adjustable. The rubber pressure roller is raised through the slideways on both sides and contacts the hot pressure roller to generate the pressure required for the film lamination process. The rubber pressure roller rotates under the friction of the heat pressure roller.
10. Rewinding: After laminating, start the rewinding device, so that the coated product can be neatly wound on the hollow paper tube of the pre-coating laminator.