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8 Common Faults of Laminating Machine.


Profile Wrapping Laminate Machine

In the process of repairing the laminator, there are mainly the following 8 common faults.

1. The laminator equipment does not start: the power cord is disconnected, the power cord is reversed, and the voltage is not enough (normally about 380V);
2. Inaccurate temperature measurement of the laminating machine: caused by thermal inertia, wait a few minutes for the temperature to be normal or whether the thermocouple and temperature controller are installed incorrectly and damaged;
3. Negative pressure does not come up: wire hose leaks, solenoid valve stuck valve, vacuum pump filter element clogged or motor belt loose, vacuum gauge upper and lower limit pointer contacts are oxidized or damaged;

4. The main power switch of the film laminator trips: the grounding pin on the top of the heating box is grounded, the leakage of the distribution box, the external wire is laid on the chassis, and the leakage of the motor, etc.;
Fifth, the film suction of the laminating machine is not in place: insufficient pressure, air leakage, insufficient temperature, the film is too thin, the concave depth of the work piece exceeds the film lift, the coating time is too short, and the work piece is too thick (plus the thickness of the backing plate is generally not Over 40 mm), the work piece is too close to the work piece  (generally 2 to 3 times the thickness of the work piece);
6. The surface of the coated work piece has wrinkles or is not smooth or the corners cannot be wrapped: the film is not straightened, the quality of the film is not good, the work piece is not well polished, the glue is sprayed too much, and the mold below the work piece is too low;

7. When the film is not sucked up, the film will be pulled down: solenoid valve stuck valve;
8. The laminating machine has a phenomenon of sucking and breaking: it is a small hole, the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, and the film quality is not good; it is a large hole or a whole block cracking, the temperature or the heating time is not enough.