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The application of wood polishing machine in the woodworking industry is very important


The application of the wood polishing machine in our carpentry industry is very important, but we can not avoid the failure of the wood polishing machine mechanical equipment. The common faults are:


1. The mechanical equipment of the woodworking polishing machine does not fall after turning over the board. The upper limit switch of the flap is not in place, adjust the upper limit switch on the cylinder of the flap until it is in a proper position.


2. After pressing the run button, the flip cylinder does not move. The wood compression upper limit switch is not in place, adjust the position of the compression upper limit switch.


3. After the wood is pressed into place after the operation, the material is pushed forward but not forward. 1) Check the wood compression lower limit switch. 2) Check the solenoid valve of the hydraulic press.

 the wood polishing machine

4. Adjust the distance between flush saws according to actual requirements.


5. Adjust the distance between the cutting saw and the baffle according to the actual requirements, which has reached the width of the wood board.


The wood polishing machine can be used for polishing and polishing white blanks and primers of various heterosexual parts, curved wooden furniture, stairs, hangers, photo frames, handicrafts, etc., with uniform polishing and significant sanding effect, while greatly reducing the cost of sanding.

It can be operated by two workers at the same time, without speed change, the emery cloth and the brush can be replaced separately, and the width of the brush roller can be selected according to need. It is used for sanding after priming for panel furniture, solid wood floors, flat doors, handicrafts, bamboo and wooden curtains, etc.