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Take you to see the custom home factory-the production process of molded door panels


Molded door panel, also called blister door panel. The two names are well known in the industry. Some brands will directly explain to customers that the type of door panel is a plastic door or a molded door. Some brands do not say specific materials, but only a foreign name that sounds relatively tall. For example, the Alcana series, etc., caused many customers to have vague concepts.


Molded door panels can be used as cabinet door panels or wardrobe door panels. It is often used to create a simple European atmosphere, which occupies a large proportion in market sales. Now, the minimalist style with molded door panels has gradually increased. This is due to the rich shape of the molded door panel, the variety of colors, and the strong plasticity!

 molded door panels

How are molded door panels produced?


Step 1: Raw materials

The base material is medium-density fiberboard, the material is uniform, easy to shape, and the surface is flat. The relatively heavier means that the material is relatively kind, the product has high stability, and can be relatively complex in shape without deformation. The price difference of the molded door is relatively large, and the environmental protection of the substrate is also an aspect to be considered.




The modeling data is imported into the device, you can engrave many kinds of shapes, if you want, you can even engrave your name!


Step 3: fine polishing

Only after fine grinding, can the surface smoothness be ensured. The finished molded door surface will not foam.


Step4: spray glue

The finely polished board should be sprayed with glue to bond the PVC film covering the surface. The high-quality glue has a high degree of adhesion, does not cause warpage, and is more environmentally friendly. After the glue is dried, you can enter the positive and negative pressure laminating machine to complete the laminating.


Step 5: Laminating

Generally, it is done with a positive and negative pressure laminating machine. After the film is finished, the production workers will cut off the excess film. The color of PVC membrane is very rich, and it is also divided into domestic membrane and imported membrane (generally Korean membrane, German membrane, Japanese membrane). Mainly do domestic film on the market