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Features of Cabinet Laminating Machine


Features of cabinet laminating machine:

(1) The product specifications of the cabinet laminating machine are highly adaptable. With the plastic forming method, the cabinet laminating machine can produce large, medium, small, thick and thin products. The sheet material of the cabinet laminating machine can be as thin as 5MM or even thinner. The product area can be as large as 1.22×2.44㎡, as small as the finger width, and the PVC wall thickness can be as large as 0.6 mm and as small as 0.07 mm.


(2) The application scale of cabinet laminating machine products is wide. Cabinet door blister, wardrobe door blister, sliding door blister, swing door blister, paint-free door blister, molded door blister, photo frame blister, computer desk blister, massage chair blister, tea cabinet blister, Hot pot table blister, leather soft bag blister, veneer blister, stone PVC blister, etc. Cabinet laminating machine can be applied.