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Vacuum laminating mechanism construction and characteristics


Mechanical structure  

1. Press steel structure body, according to the computer precise structure calculation, and force and deformation analysis, mining high strength steel plate welding completion, after the complete stress elimination, integrated forming processing, to ensure the mechanical durability of repeated accuracy.  

2. The parallelism and flatness of a single hot plate are within ±0.015mm/m after the hot plate is ground by a multi-channel precision machining program;  Temperature tolerance within ±1.5°C.  

3. Piston with milling, grinding after the completion of hardness in HRC50o~ 55O, wear-resistant oil leakage, oil seal using the world general specifications of oil seal, convenient maintenance and repair.  

Electrical control unit  

1. Advanced industrial computer control system, based on IFlX graphics control software and WlNXP operating system, software operation control program, temperature control and record temperature, pressure, vacuum degree, third curve and data on the screen.  

2. Humanized operation mode, easy to learn, more than 5000 sets of production process formula and memory.  

The hydraulic system  

Select hydraulic system components and pumps from Taiwan, America, Europe and Japan, and adopt collective circuit system design to ensure high stability and precision of hydraulic system operation.  

Heating and cooling unit  

1. The heating unit pump and other parts are made of the world's highest grade accessories, the cooler is designed with stainless steel U-shaped tube, no corrosion and perforation and caused by cold shrinkage and heat expansion, and the public security risk of cracking, integrated molding production, beautiful and does not take up space.  

2. Years of practical operation experience and accurate complementary calculation ensure the most safe and appropriate heating and cooling effect  

Vacuum system  

The system design of vacuum device can pump one, two or three times to reduce vacuum pumping time and improve product quality, while the gas-liquid separation barrel can effectively filter the air moisture extracted from the vacuum chamber, increase the service life of the vacuum pump and reduce the number of maintenance.