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Features of Vacuum Membrane Press Machine

This vacuum membrane press machines can be used to paste PVC on furniture, cabinets, speakers, relief doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes. With a special silicon sheet, it can also work with hot transfer and veneer (real wood).It can cutting PVC automatic,save time.
Vacuum Membrane Press Machine
1.The vacuum membrane press machine adopts PLC automatic digital display technology, the machine features highly automatic, easy operation and reliable.
2. Working platform is made of special steel, which is resistant to high temperature and corruption.
3. The vacuum membrane press machine use aluminium bars infrared heating system and imported thermal insulation material,which can ensure even heating and energy saving.
4. Uses top quality vacuum pump, features reliable performance and prompt pumping.
5.The vacuum membrane press machine adopts auto close system,it working fast and save times.
6.Multi-application, PVC film, Wood veneer and hot transfer is available.