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Positive and negative pressure laminating machine

Almost everyone is very interested in the problem of "positive and negative pressure film press", in order to satisfy everyone's curiosity. From the professional point of view of practical basis, Zhanhong analyzes the essence of the positive and negative pressure laminating machine. Ink jet printing media. It is used for wedding photography, poster poster, indoor display board advertisement, wedding photography engineering and landscape effect drawing, advertising demonstration drawing, commercial and civil interior decoration, business document cover, digital album, greeting card, chart, photo quality brochure, etc. The main printing materials are PP, PVC and pet, which are mostly used in wide format advertising. Matte PP can be used for CAD drawing, and our common photo paper is also a conventional printing material, which can be divided into desktop printing and wide format printing.

Jinan Zhanhong century Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. for many years has focused on PVC laminating machine, PUR sticker machine, PVC laminating machine, which brand of PVC laminating machine is easy to use. With more than years of accumulated industry experience and team efforts, Jinan Zhanhong century Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. has mature mechanical equipment products and solutions in the industry, and has become an innovator and practitioner of the industry. Aiming at the special industry, it has integrated more perfect, more flexible, more flexible and more competitive laminating machine products to serve the majority of users. More company details.