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Different classification and development of vacuum laminating machine

The vacuum laminating machine can enhance the strength of various color printing papers after being covered by the vacuum laminating machine, produce a sense of massiness and texture, enhance the "temperament" of color printing paper, and can make various bags, packing boxes, book covers, samples and other products. However, the general full-automatic film pasting method uses glue automatic film pasting method, such as using solvent based adhesive, water-based glue and hot-melt adhesive (pre coated on the film for hot pressing), but no glue automatic film pasting is different.

The main vacuum laminating machine does not use traditional biaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP), but uses PE film blown by high pressure polyethylene as the main material, because it is easy to obtain hot melt and plasticity. However, polyethylene film is a kind of material with weak van der Waals force on the surface. The additive component of wax forms a weak interface layer on the surface of polyethylene film. Therefore, the adhesion between the paper and the paper is very small when it is melted at a lower temperature. Therefore, this unmodified technology has no application value. But when we stop the special strength treatment on one side of polyethylene film, the future scene will change a lot. The peel strength of PE film on color printing paper was improved obviously by using automatic laminating machine. It is resistant to friction and non foaming, resistant to temperature detection from - 20 ℃ to 120 ℃, and can withstand rolling cutting. Suppose we put a layer of auxiliary data between the hot roll and the polyethylene film to make it work together. Products and auxiliary data come out of the machine together. If the products are removed from the auxiliary data, waste products will be generated. Due to different auxiliary materials, the same PE film can be made into light film, sub light film, laser film and other fully automatic film covering products. In terms of visual effect, vacuum laminating machine is almost as good as OPP automatic film pasting.