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What is laminating machine?


Laminating machine can be divided into two categories: namely coating laminating machine and pre-coating laminating machine.  It is a special equipment for paper and film.  That is, the coating laminating machine includes gluing, drying, hot pressing three parts, its wide range of application, stable and reliable processing performance, is widely used in domestic laminating equipment.  Pre-coating laminating machine, no glue and dry part, small volume, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, not only suitable for the processing of large quantities of printed matter, but also for the processing of small batch, scattered printed matter, such as automatic desktop office system, has a promising future.  

The coating type  

The equipment operation including glue, drying, hot pressing, higher operation, advantage is that product quality is reliable, it has a fatal weakness is oily glue processing gases affect human body health, so this kind of technology in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have banned, water-based glue than oily green, relatively oily cost is higher.  

Scope of application:  

Suitable for color printing, packaging paper, film material, soft plastic board and other laminating (film), make its surface bright, bright color and waterproof function.  

Detailed description:  

1, the base, panel and other cast iron structure, never deformation, to ensure that the use of the process and maintenance of replacement parts will not affect the accuracy.  

2, coating roller and limit roller seiko production, roller surface concentricity error control within 0.01mm, in order to ensure uniform coating, while saving glue dosage.  

3, hot composite steel roller seiko mirror processing, film finished products this degree is excellent.  

4. Electronic automatic thermostat.  

5, hydraulic system unique design, precision and stability.  

It can be used for the compound of rolled materials.  

Can be customized according to user requirements of water, oil dual-use machine.