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The definition of the membrane press machine

The membrane press machine can prevent the compressed gas from contacting with any lubricant and ensure the high purity of the gas. It is suitable for compressing a small amount of gas that is not allowed to be polluted by the lubricant, especially for the compression, transportation or bottling of precious and high purity rare gas. In terms of structure, it has vertical and V-type. The compression stage is generally two stages

Membrane press machine is a reciprocating press machine that compresses and transports gas by reciprocating motion of diaphragm in cylinder. The diaphragm is clamped by two limiting plates along the periphery and forms a cylinder. The diaphragm is driven by hydraulic pressure to move back and forth in the cylinder, so as to realize the compression and transmission of gas.

Membrane press machine has the characteristics of large compression ratio, wide pressure range and good sealing. Because its gas chamber does not need any lubrication, so as to ensure the purity of compressed gas, it is especially suitable for the compression, transportation and bottling of flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and high-purity gas. Such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen, acetylene, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon dioxide, etc. According to the different exhaust pressure, it is generally made into single-stage or two-stage.