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The composition of the membrane press machine

1. Primary and secondary cylinders
The secondary cylinder assembly is composed of cylinder head, diaphragm, oil distribution plate, cylinder block and other main parts. The diaphragm is clamped between the cylinder head and oil distribution plate with bolts. There is a curved surface with the same coordinates on the cylinder head and the oil distribution plate, and the cylinder is composed of the curved surface of the cylinder head and the diaphragm. The cylinder head is equipped with an intake and exhaust valve, which is located in the center of the cylinder head. An oil hole is drilled on the oil distribution plate to evenly transmit the oil pressure of the oil cylinder to the diaphragm. The oil distribution plate is equipped with an air outlet pipe, which is used to discharge the air in the oil cylinder when the oil cylinder is refueled. The cylinder block is equipped with a pressure regulating valve to discharge the excess oil in the oil cylinder at the end of the compression stroke and keep the oil cylinder pressure at a rated value. The excess oil returns to the crankcase through the oil return pipe.

2. Pressure regulating valve
The secondary pressure regulating valve is composed of valve seat, valve stem, valve body, adjusting screw, spring and other main parts. It is connected with the primary and secondary cylinders respectively with bolts. The elastic force of the spring controls the oil pressure of the oil cylinder. When the oil pressure is too high, the adjusting screw can be turned counterclockwise to loosen the spring; When the oil pressure is too low, turn the adjusting screw clockwise to compress the spring. When the spring pressure meets the oil discharge pressure requirements, the adjusting screw can be locked with a locking nut. When the oil cylinder is filled or drained, turn the operating handle to make the handle perpendicular to the axis of the pressure regulating valve. At this time, the valve rod is separated from the valve seat.

3. Compensating oil pump
The compensation oil pump is mainly composed of plunger, spring, oil inlet valve, check valve and other parts. The eccentric sleeve installed at the end of the crankshaft makes the plunger move back and forth. The piston stroke is 3mm and the number of strokes is 400 times / min. When the plunger moves upward, it sucks lubricating oil from the oil inlet through the oil inlet valve; When the plunger moves downward, the lubricating oil is discharged through the check valve. The lubricating oil leaked from the piston ring returns to the crankcase through the oil return hole on the upper part of the oil pump.

4. Cooler

The cooler structure is casing type. The outer pipe of the primary cooler is air pipe and the inner pipe is cooling water pipe; The outer pipe of the secondary cooler is a water pipe and the inner pipe is a gas pipe. The gas pipes of the primary and secondary coolers are respectively connected with the separator, and the separator is equipped with a high-pressure valve for venting.