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What are the characteristics of automatic laminating machine equipment?

Automatic laminating machine is to coat the plastic film with adhesive, and combine it with the printed matter with paper as the substrate after being pressurized by rubber drum and heating drum to form a paper plastic integration product. It should be very extensive. The automatic laminating machine requires high precision in its work, especially the surface precision and shopping degree of each roller. Once there is a little speckled, cracked, scratched, covered point, or slightly circuitous deformation. Will affect the processing quality of products, even can not work normally. Therefore, it is very important to carefully protect the automatic laminating machine.

Automatic laminating machine equipment features:

1. Using digital display automatic control technology, the operation is simple and the degree of automation is high.

2. It adopts vacuum technology with double air passage, stable ventilation performance and high yield of workpiece.

3. The worktable adopts frame type steel frame structure, which can effectively improve the vacuum degree and is durable. The exchange type worktable can be used for veneering of multiple pieces in one box, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one machine.

4. The unique far-infrared constant temperature heating system saves energy, time and electricity. Heating is even, so as to reduce the deformation, wrinkling and degumming of products.

5. The key components of the electronic control system are made of high temperature resistant and high insulation materials, so the operation is safe and reliable.

Application of automatic laminating machine

Automatic laminating machine laminating and glue plate lifting, using handle adjustment, convenient and free. It is equipped with paper counting, automatic stop of paper shortage and automatic gluing system.

Using high-precision front gauge, drawing gauge, paper into the film balance, less overlap error, up to the domestic level.

Automatic laminating machine adopts stepless transmission, which can easily adjust the overlap distance of different specifications of paper

Automatic laminating machine adopts immersion coating, which can effectively save glue.

Automatic laminating machine is equipped with high-precision automatic drilling device and automatic film cutting function.

PLC control, high degree of automation.