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Vacuum laminating machine is a device to produce, improve and (or) maintain vacuum

Vacuum laminating machine is a device to produce, improve and (or) maintain vacuum, vacuum application equipment and vacuum acquisition equipment. Vacuum laminating machine for the product to do vacuum treatment, improve the product processing (production) equipment.
How to operate correctly:

1. Check whether the rotating parts of the pressing device and vacuum laminating machine are in good condition before going to work.

2. Clean the dust and dregs in the working table of the vacuum laminating machine.

3. Prepare necessary materials such as product backing plate (6-8 mm smaller than the workpiece).

4. Check and adjust the set value of temperature and schedule according to the film thickness.

5. When multiple pieces are processed in one stage, the appropriate distance shall be placed according to the thickness of the processed plate (generally 3-4 times of the plate thickness).

6. Before starting the heating cover of the vacuum laminating machine, check whether the pressing frame is locked, whether there are objects on and around the guide rail and whether the personnel's hands leave.

7. During the working process of the vacuum laminating machine, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the machine, let alone put hands on the guide rail and equipment, so as to prevent the machine from automatically returning to the heating cover and injuring people.