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Function introduction of positive and negative press:

Positive and negative press can be used for all kinds of advanced PVC laminating machines, heat transfer printing and veneer surface decoration.

All kinds of PVC workpieces processed by positive and negative press are firmly bonded without rebound and warping. The groove lines are clear and in place.

The positive and negative press can be used for perfect decoration of various thick veneers.

Characteristics of positive and negative press equipment:

1. The key parts of hydraulic system are imported accessories, reliable.

2. The vacuum pump is imported from Germany. Weak horsepower, low failure rate.

3. The operation system adopts imported PLC control, large screen man-machine interface, convenient operation, advanced skills and high degree of automation.

4. Positive and negative press equipment digital display current, voltage display, clear and intuitive. Select microcomputer temperature control instrument to control temperature accurately.