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What are the characteristics of the double station vacuum laminator equipment?


What are the characteristics of the double station vacuum laminator equipment?

1. The double-station laminating machine has two working tables, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine and effectively guarantees the output; the working table is driven by the power motor into and out of the heating box, automatic plastic forming, automatic temperature rise, automatic pressure, The degree of automation is higher and the operation is simpler and more convenient.

2. The laminating worktable of the laminating machine is made of high-strength steel plate, which does not deform at high temperature, effectively ensuring the flatness and stability of the workpiece.

Laminating machine vacuum pump

1. Vacuum pumps generally use domestic well-known brand vacuum pumps, and the air pressure can reach 30L / S, which can quickly reach the working pressure in the working chamber, and the limit pressure can reach -0.1MPa.

2. The motor that automatically enters and exits the console surface uses a buffer device, and the maximum entry and exit speed can reach 3m / s.

3. The heating power is large. The heating power of 30KW can ensure continuous constant temperature heating, and the actual power consumption is only 6KW / H.

4. The heating method of the double station laminating machine is improved from the original electric heating to the heat sink heating, so that the temperature difference of the material surface is less than 5 ℃, the surface smoothness of the finished film is greatly improved and improved There will be orange peel, bubbles, etc., which is more suitable for the coating of high gloss film, matte film and skin sensory film.

5. The pressure gas tank adopts double gas tanks, which can quickly reach the rated air pressure in the laminating chamber and form quickly.

Pressure gas tank for laminating machine

The operation platform adopts independent electric box, the operation is simpler and direct, and the working condition is easier to control. Even if there is a temporary failure, manual operation can be used without delaying production.