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Reason analysis of wrinkle when laminating machine laminating

In fact, there are many reasons for wrinkle when laminating machine laminating, but the main ones are temperature, pressure and speed. As this kind of products are rare in the market, and customers also encounter many problems, Xinheng laminating machine manufacturer will analyze the influence of three factors. First of all, temperature is the first key to film coating. The adhesive used for pre coating is hot-melt adhesive. Temperature determines the melting state of hot-melt adhesive and the leveling performance of hot-melt adhesive. If there is an error, it is easy to cause wrinkles.

The second is pressure. Proper pressure should be used at the same time of proper control of covering and temperature, because the surface of the paper itself is not very flat. Only under the pressure, the hot-melt adhesive in the viscous state will fully wet the surface of the paper in the process of driving away the air on the surface of the printed matter. In fact, this is the main cause of wrinkle when laminating machine laminating. The last point is the speed. The change of the speed determines the time when the pre coating and the paper print achieve the bonding. The above is the impact of laminating machine laminating wrinkle three main reasons.