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What is a profile sander used for?


Steve Williams, sales manager for Delle Vedove USA Inc., says profile sanders can be used for “the removal of knife marks, de-nibbing, knocking down grain rise and preparing the moulding for finishing.” The profile sanders can be used to do more than just clean up a piece of wood though.
What is profile sanding?
Profile sanders can be used for sanding in tight corners, or along grooves or ruts. A good profile sander comes with an assortment of different sanding shapes -- known as profiles -- that can be attached, not just the standard triangular profile.
What is the difference between sanding and grinding?

With that said, sanders are typically used with wooden objects. Grinders, in comparison, are used with metal objects. If you need to cut through a metal object, you may want to use a grinder. To sand down a wooden workpiece so that it's smooth, you should use a sander.